Uncovered Opera Company 

About Us



The Uncovered Opera Company was set up in 2021 to celebrate those unseen singers who cover roles in opera. Cover singers devote vast amounts of their time learning and preparing roles in opera but rarely have the chance to perform. Our group celebrates covering singers and has been formed to uncover them by giving opportunities to perform in opera, workshops, oratorio, recitals and more!

How it started

Marrianne Town Smith was cast as second cover in a performance of Nabucco in 2020, which would normally mean very little chance of a performance. However, due to COVID she was fortunate enough to get to sing in the performance as the other singers were abroad. She became uncovered. After this she began to consider ways of  creating opportunities for these literally unsung singers to perform the roles they work so hard to learn. The first performances will be in February 2022.


The vision for the group is to create a stable of likeminded singers. Singers who love to sing for the joy of the music, singers who love to work as part of an equal team, singers who actively enjoy learning from each other, promote each other and are dedicated to the  uncovered opera project. 

Nabucco is our first project but we have many other projects lined up for 2022. Watch this space for details, or sign up to join our mailing list.